Working with Peter has been an amazing experience to say the least. I contacted Peter early this year inquiring about his services as I wanted to find a coach to help me with my first natural pro show. I am the kind of person that just needs to be told what to change so I don’t second guess myself and I did not get that with Peter. What I got was fast, educated, and caring responses. I could not believe the professionalism I got from Dr. Fitschen.

Peter truly cares about everyone he works with and is there every step of the way. A couple days before my show he asked me to constantly send him updates even the day of the show he asked me to send him an update even when it was at 4am. He and his wife were able to make my show and they helped with color, making sure I was where I needed to be, and just asked me if I needed help with anything.

I truly appreciate all Dr. Fitschen has done in helping me bring my best physique yet I don’t know if I can ever thank him enough. I went in just looking for someone to tell me what change each week but I came out with so much more. Out of this prep I not only gained a better physique but I gained more knowledge and new friendship. Thank you Peter for all you have done.

Austin Kjergaard
NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Runner up NGA Natural Peoria Pro/AM
NGA Universe Qualifier

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