My first encounter with Peter was through his Online Physique Transformation Course. Listening to his weekly lectures it was evident that he was implementing the most effective methods that were supported by research with his clients. Upon the course ending I reached out to Peter and made the decision to work with him to continue my contest prep which I was already a few months into.

Although I was already following a flexible dieting approach to my fat loss plan for contest prep Peter was looked closely at the plan and made small modifications that made a huge difference. He redistributed my macros in a way that would allow me to eat more and allow for further adjustments when my loss stalled. My training plan was also adjusted so to use my energy most efficiently and keep strength as high as possible.

Throughout the course of contest prep Peter always know what was going on with me. He closely monitored trends in my progress pushing things along as he needed but never more. I had full trust in him and knew he was doing his best to make my prep work in the most efficient manner possible. Following Peter’s plan I was able to bring my personal best to each of my figure competitions with improvements made each show. I honestly never thought i would be able to achieve the physique I did with under his guidance.

Some of the qualities that I found to be invaluable were Peter’s responsiveness and investment in my success. Check ins were always responded to in a timely manner with educated, through responses. Peter never appeared bothered by extra questions and I went out of his way to explain why we were doing something or validate my concerns. It was evident that he was truly vested in seeing me succeed. Throughout the process he was always supportive and encouraging.

Amy was also a huge help to me. She conducted multiple Skype posing sessions to ensure my presentation was showcasing my physique. She also offered support and encouragement every time we chatted.

I could honestly not be more pleased with decision I made to use FITbody Physique for my contest preparation. I will continue to use their services as I reverse diet and work to add improvement to my physique.I am thankful to have found Peter and Amy for their knowledge, guidance and continued support. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their physique.

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