In 2013, I was probably like many people – a cardio junkie. Yet I was still thin, lean, and tiny: the physique I wanted never appeared. I loved to lift weights but struggled to understand why the way I looked never changed. I spent 3 years with personal trainers and 6 months with a nationally known bikini coach but still my strength levels stayed exactly the same, and I was on a strict meal plan with no gluten, alcohol, dairy, wheat, or sugar. I was worn out! That’s when I started researching and found Peter. Once we talked, I knew that his honesty and recommendations would set me on the right path. Now at age 49, I’ve made more progress than I imagined. Peter and Amy have helped me through two seasons and four preps. I’ve won my master’s pro card in bikini. But more importantly I see how truly individual fitness is. There is no magic “plan” that fixes you in 12 weeks. Now I have a long-term road map plus day-to-day guidance and I really understand that fitness is a lifestyle. I can be healthy and fit and even crush some amazing goals!

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