I’ve always had an interest and passion for bodybuilding, but had never competed. I quit lifting weights seriously in 2005 and transitioned into endurance sports. I ran my last marathon in April of 2015 and put on some extra pounds in the months that followed. I returned to the gym that fall and began weightlifting again. In December, I made a commitment to myself to lose weight and get as lean as possible, as I had never had visible abs. Things were going good and by February I had lost 12 pounds. As I read more and more articles and watched videos about dieting and weight lifting on the internet, I learned about a fairly new division of bodybuilding called men’s physique and it peaked my interest. At the time, I wasn’t confident in my current weightlifting program, and knew I would need help getting stage lean if I chose to compete in men’s physique. I began to search the internet for local bodybuilding coaches and came across Peter Fitschen and Fit Body Physique. I liked the fact that Peter had both the education and experience as a professional bodybuilder and decided to reach out to him. Peter was quick to respond to my inquires, and seemed to genuinely care about his client’s health and success. With Peter’s knowledge and guidance, I was able to lose another 23 pounds, and he had me looking my best on stage at the Titan Classic Championships in June where I took 2nd place in the men’s open physique division.

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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