Well, my first competition is in the books. I had a lot of fun and definitely want to do another one in the future. I learned a lot and met a lot of neat people. I am very thankful to have Peter Fitschen as my trainer because of the way that he coaches people. Everyone that I talked to there said that they were so thirsty or that they were “about to pass out from dehydration” and that just does not sound worth it to me! Getting lean and being hungry is enough work as it is, Sodium and water depletion does not need to be added in as well! So many people asked me how much water I had drank on competition day and their wide-eyed response when I told them “around a gallon so far” made me laugh every time! It would also make me chuckle how people would say that “I have not had a cheat meal in 12 weeks, I’m so ready for this big cheat meal tonight!” The flexible dieting approach works people! I even put my body to the test by eating one serving of REAL ice cream every day during peak week. Did I lose my abs? Did my body fat increase dramatically? No. I stayed just as lean and maybe even got leaner! I would have never believed any of this if Peter had not shown my the flexible dieting approach. With that said, here are some pics from the comp:

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  1. I am so proud of you!! Congrats on your win now please put some clothes on. xo