My name is Emily Bestor and I have been working on and off with Peter for about three years. We started preparation for my very first show in March 2015. I can’t say enough to express my gratitude to Fit Body Physique. Having little understanding of bodybuilding and nutrition and walking away from my experience able to better help my clients understand is truly a blessing! Anytime I have ever had a question about why we were doing things Peter was really great at helping me understand the science behind everything we were doing and he always backed everything up with research articles. After my show in August 2015, I had decided that I was never going to compete again because I was upset that I didn’t get nationally qualified my first show. Here w are two years later and I decided to step on stage again not really knowing what to expect. I stepped onstage again July 15, 2017 and placed 2nd in my class at The Branch Warren Classic!!! Thank you Peter for helping me understand that good things take time and to trust the process! With Fit Body Physique, I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible! Thank you so much!!

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