I began working with Pete in May 2015 when I had signed up for a show and he’d been recommended to me by a fellow gym member. Prior to working with him, I had been maintaining weight on a low amount of food from continuously dieting for so many years. Before he agreed to take me on as a client, he was transparent that my prep was doable, but it would come with difficulty because of where my food intake was. So there I was, starting a 22-week journey to prepping for my first show. Pete was always diligent in answering any questions I had, kept good tabs on how I was feeling both mentally and physically with any adjustments he made, provided research articles as I became increasingly inquisitive – he went above and beyond what I could have ever asked of a coach. His philosophy and utilization of flexible dieting never left me feeling restricted or deprived. Contest prep is challenging enough – food restriction doesn’t need to be part of that process. My first show was October 2015 and it wasn’t until then that I truly realized how different Pete’s approach to coaching was in comparison to some of the other competitors. I was one of few bikini competitors who was well-hydrated, hadn’t manipulated sodium, and was consistently eating the entire day. I felt healthy, strong, and in the best shape I’d been in thus far. I registered for four classes that day and took first place in all four, also earning my NGA bikini pro card.

I decided to continue working with Pete through a year and a half off season with a few goals in mind, but mostly to gain muscle and give my body a much needed break from dieting. Working with a coach in a longer off season was one of the best things I could have done – it kept me accountable to bringing a better package to the stage when the time came.

My next competition season began with an April 2017 pro debut at a show Pete was unable to be at with me, but you’d never have known it. He was in constant contact with me the entire weekend, making adjustments and giving feedback as though he was there in person. My competition season came and went with three 1st place wins and I have Pete and Amy to thank for those moments. I may have done the hard work getting to each of those stages, but the mastermind behind it all was FITBody & Physique.

I’m fortunate enough after working with Pete and Amy for two years to say that they’re not only my coaches, but they’re friends and family. I’m forever grateful for what they’ve taught me about nutrition, bodybuilding, but more importantly, what I’m capable of mentally and physically. Trophies aside, that carries more weight than anything and I have them to thank for that.

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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