Before contacting Fitbody & Physique, I thought I understood the basic tenets of weight loss: eat less, move more. As an athlete, it was lost on me how to achieve fat loss while maintaining my muscle and strength (to the point where I did not think it possible). Moreover, as a competitive powerlifter, I was, and still am, entrenched in a culture where it’s A-OK to eat every kind of junk possible at meets and during intense training sessions, because all food means gains… right?

I worked with Peter for several months with the goal of losing fat to sit more comfortably in my weight class. Struggling to fit my macros exactly, my losses on the scale were less than I hoped, but my gains elsewhere skyrocketed. My lifts actually improved in the midst of fat loss! The macro ratios Peter constructed for me are clearly ideal for optimizing my specific training style, and I try to adhere to them no matter my goals because I feel better on these ratios. Peter taught me how to eat to be as effective in the gym as possible. Smart eating is part and parcel to smart training, and I am proof that eating the food you need can improve your lifts every bit as much as a volume block or peaking program. I still have a lot of work to do to abandon the “eat whatever because I lift” mentality, but I now have great insight into how to eat to perform at my best. I have Fitbody & Physique to thank for my continued success on the platform and in the gym.

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