I reached out to Peter 6 weeks from my contest date via the UNBA mens physique CA Pro/AM which was my 6th lifetime contest and 3rd in MPD class.

I have prepped myself for past shows with good success but never knowing just how valuable having a coach was until I myself began to take on more clients this summer for the same exact outcomes I was preparing for. It became clear I too perhaps more so with a formal education, training, certification, and experience in the fitness and performance fields, needed an outside keen eye to look at my progress to avoid self-paralysis and over analysis of the minutia of dieting, training and prepping week to week without losing my own mind!

Bringing in Pete was a HUGE help and the single best choice I made in my 20 weeks total prep time. Its far too easy to justify to yourself an easier route, one that although workable is not the optimal route as you simply cannot be the athlete and the coach in the same body and mind and yet remain objective. Pete was able to take care of that issue for me which made all the difference. I could leave all adjustments week to week up to him based on my clear feedback, measures, reports, weight, pictures, feelings etc. He factored in everything about me to make weekly adjustments right up to show day.

Pete’s detail oriented, science-based, empirical approach to coaching is outstanding and I can say this as a tactical strength and conditioning coach myself for military populations and competitors alike. Pete knows his stuff and can justify all of it!

He kepts my health and safety at the forefront every week never allowing things to get too risky when they possibly got to that point. This is huge as some coaches go for broke and risk client health….not Pete.

Pete pushed my harder than I ever would have pushed myself at the end of my prep and I am SO glad we did as although it tested me in every way possible, it brought me in better than I have ever looked in shows prior. I was and am very pleased with how I did in my contest and in my photoshoot the following day and I owe a large part of that success to Peter and his coaching ability, his knowledge, his friendship and his dedication/care to his clients outcomes and goals.

No one who competes with a true desire to do their absolute best should leave anything to chance. To not come in your best and make all the sacrifices, effort, time and money placed in stage based fitness competitions worthwhile is just not logical. Hire a good coach like Pete and take piece of heart and mind in knowing you will be taken care of and will come in at your best ever.

I am not stopping now that my show is done with. Not by far. Peter may very well be even MORE key to my long term success in this sport during my 12-month offseason where the TRUE progressions and improvement between shows are made. Having his support to help me work on my goals through 2017 to add the needed size to my frame to come back to the stage better then ever is equally as important to me. I look forward to what Peter can do for me this coming year!

Thanks Pete!

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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