I have been a fitness fanatic my whole life. Staying physically fit has always been one of my top priories and core values. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I have initiated a number of recreational activities and community fitness domains for a wide variety of populations to make changes in their lives, to become more happy, healthy and fulfilled individuals.

In 2016, I began my initial attempts to train for my first bikini bodybuilding competition in hopes of practicing the knowledge and applying the experiences to help individuals reach their goals.
After hiring an online contest coach without doing the research before hand, I set myself up for failure. For six weeks I followed a restrictive meal plan, did an hour of steady-state cardio six days a week, and followed a monotonous weight lifting routine that excluded most compound movements. Due to a lack of objectivity and mental unpreparedness, my prep process fell through.

In anticipation of still wanting to meet my goals of competing, I knew I needed a prep coach that had the education, experience, and philosophy as a trainer to base a program on my individual needs and goals. Peter Fitschen was recommended through a colleague, multiple coaches in the sport, and from other reputable sources including national bodybuilding circuits. Peter has a PhD in Nutritional Science, is an accomplished pro natural bodybuilder himself, someone who understands the proper principles of safe and effective nutrition, and training/coaching. But more than any of those credentials, what makes Pete a great coach is that he genuinely cares about people. I highly recommend him as someone I trust.
I reached out to Peter for guidance, as he assured me we would be implementing a lifestyle approach versus a 10 week crash diet show plan.

FITBody & Physique LLC kept me accountable through prep, continuing through my reverse diet, with phone calls, posing skype sessions, daily/weekly weight checks, progress pictures, and a lot of communication by email. I have earned my absolute best physique to date with a healthy and flexible prep, with no excessive cardio or food choice restrictions, because my health has always been Peter’s number one priority. With Peter and Amy’s coaching, I successfully competed in a Bikini Competition October of 2016 and took home 4th place finish in the novice short division. Hiring Peter and Amy helped me achieve my goals in a healthful and sustainable way.

A month and a half post show, Peter’s methodical approach of gradually decreasing my cardio, increasing my macronutrients and overall caloric intake, has helped me get to the point where I am doing almost zero cardio, maximizing results, and a restored metabolism.

Through trial and error, I learned what to look for to have a successful relationship with a coach. Peter has helped change my life and I am extremely grateful and proud to call him my lifestyle coach. I would refer him to anyone.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, how successful you are helping your friends or clients, when it comes to yourself it is an entirely different story. Don’t set yourself up to underachieve.”

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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