I came across Peter and Amy’s coaching last year (April 2015) when I reached out to Layne Norton asking for advice and received a list of other coaches that he recommended. Upon doing research I really liked Peter’s website and after reaching out to him and explaining my history and situation, decided he was the best fit for me. Right from the initial phone call I knew I had chosen the best coach for me. I explained to him that I came from a background of eating disordered behaviors and in turn had suffered rebound weight gain and hormonal issues that I had been working on fixing before coming to Peter. He assured me that I was in a good place (after taking a year to eat in a surplus and do no cardio) to diet slowly and keep my hormonal health while losing fat. At that point I was so ready to start because I was very uncomfortable in my body, being at the heaviest weight I ever had been. Over the course of a year I was able to successfully lose almost 30 lbs without losing much, if any strength and not having to go to extremes. Hiring Peter was the best decision I have made thus far in bettering my physical and mental health and achieving my goals. During this time working with him, he gave me all the support I needed and more. He would answer all of my long emails in a very timely matter, going into great detail and scientific depth (because I am a science nerd and always would ask for a lot of information) and whenever he made adjustments or changed the plan he would explain exactly why he was doing so. Looking back, Peter has made this experience pleasant and enjoyable and has made my love for this sport grow even more. I know I have just begun my journey and am looking forward to continuously building my physique day by day and hopefully prepping for a bikini show at some point. I will carry all of the knowledge he has taught me and not only continue to apply it to myself but also apply it to my own personal training and nutrition clients. Thank you Peter!

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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