“First update photo I sent/ Wbff 4th place. (12 weeks)
I want to to share my huge gratitude to Peter Fitschen and Fitbody and Physique for the amazing transformation and accomplishment of a long time goal to compete in Wbff.
I came in this show at my best condition ever and took 4th in a tough class of guys. As I have told Peter routinely, I have already won with just beating my last showing. I want to go on and say this prep was way better than last in every aspect. When I was backstage talking to the competitors about their extreme extended low carbs, food restrictions, cardio regimen, authorized only food list plans and crazy “magic” peak weeks, I really realized how grateful I was to have a coach that uses science and great experience to design and progress my plan. Especially, when my condition was as good as most of them. The judges felt at least better than 6 anyways . Not only did he systematically progressed and accessed my goals, I was amazed by the promptness in replies and constant positive attitude, that not only motivated in my goals in competition, but as a lifestyle coach myself. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and it couldn’t have been done without the knowledge and coaching of Peter. I’m truly thankful for him helping make a dream a reality.”

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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