If peter would have told me back in November that id win my pro card in my first contest season, i would have laughed and said no way! Fast forward a few months and after two shows and a lot of sacrifice i came out a pro in my second show ever! There’s just no way i can honestly thank you Pete! From day one it was professional yet very relaxed, peter made it a very smooth experience all the way through. When i didn’t hit my numbers ( which there were too many to count) we adjusted, he left me with the motivation to get back on track and not let me beat myself up too much for it. Being an online coach, I had my doubts that it would be as good as a coach who could physically be with you, but no doubt it felt like he was with me ever second of everyday. Check-ins were super convenient and it felt like he was almost waiting on them with how fast he would reply. My first Skype session with peter, I wont lie i was not comfortable at all haha but after that initial session he made that too a comfortable experience. I really felt like he was there not to collect but honestly really there for me to grow and succeed! Without him i know i wouldn’t have gotten to experience any of this and im truly thankful. He came to both my shows and made sure i was dialed in up to the last minute, Again i would’ve been lost without his guidance and pretty nervous without him at my shows. I’ve come to appreciate him and his lovely wife Amy (Amy made sure i was calm, it was almost like i had my mom there) who i adore deeply for everything they have done for me, and most importantly everything they will do for me in the future! I whole-heartedly plan on continuing to use peter as my coach throughout my fitness career. Cant wait for my pro debut knowing peter is there to get me at my best on stage!

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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