Peter is truly an amazing coach and person! One huge thing about Peter is that he will give you honest feedback. In addition he will always do what’s best for your health. As a type 1 diabetic we had many struggles while prepping but he never once offered suggestions that would be not be in my best interest or health. Although sometimes I often questioned this, he was correct in his rationale. In addition he always had evidence to back up his rationale for something. Prior to prepping with Peter I often viewed food as good or bad . He has been able to transform how I view food, food is no longer good or bad. I definitely had my doubts about using macros while prepping, but it was the best decision I could of ever made ! I cannot see myself ever going back! This is a lifestyle!

Peter thank you so much for being such an amazing coach! Peter is always responsive and so quick to respond, I always feel like he goes above and beyond . On my show day he asked what time I would be getting up and sending progress pictures. He wanted to make sure he was awake in order to respond and make changes as needed. Although he was states away I felt like he was there with me throughout the entire process ! I cannot say enough great things about him! Looking forward to 2018 with him! Thank you,

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