I can not describe how fortunate I feel for having stumbled across Peter Fitschen and fitbody and physique. To have a coach who truly cares about your success but ultimately you health and fitness first. Since working with Peter I have reached levels of fitness I had never dreamed possible. With Peter and a little determination and dedication I have now competed in 4 bodybuilding competitions as a natural competitor. The results speak for themselves. A regional light-middleweight championship and overall champion. A provincial 2nd place finish, a 3rd place finish at nationals in 2015 and a 2nd place finish at nationals in 2016. It had been a pleasure to work with Peter and his knowledge and scientific approach to contest Prep has been he driving force behind my success in not only bodybuilding but in my everyday life. I can only imagine where I will go from here and know that with Peter behind me the possibilities are endless. Thank you Peter for all your guidance and support. I truly look forward to working with you for the long haul and seeing how far we can take this. If your looking to change your life contact Peter Fitschen at fitbodyphysique.com and just do exactly what he says and you’ll see the results you’ve only dreamed of.

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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