“When I started with Peter of FitBodyPhysique I was coming off of a very restricted prep and had lost 20lbs over 10 weeks and in 7 weeks post competition had gained 30. I began working with Peter and worked on repairing my metabolism and breaking the binge/diet cycle I was stuck in. I started with very low macros and over 7 months we slowly increased things, over that time I wished I could just loose weight and Peter would remind me how far I had come with food increases and cardio decreases. I began my prep in a very healthy strong position in January and over 25 weeks I slowly lost weight healthily, and maintained my strengthen and muscle mass through my entire prep I stayed full and continued to get leaner! The pictures are one day out from my first show to one day out from this show! I placed second yesterday in Woman’s Physique! My experience has been a day night difference from the last, I feel like I have found a lifestyle, not something unsustainable just to reach an end goal! I could not imagine where I would be without the help and guidance from Peter! His knowledge and understanding is beyond comparison I cannot thank him enough and look forward to continuing to work with him!!”

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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