Before meeting with Peter I had been lifting since I was in 8th grade just trying to put on size for sports. After I got hurt in my second year of college soccer I wanted to take my lifting to a different sport and that’s when I became interested in body building. I started to eat anything and everything to gain size and I would train for hours and hours hoping to gain size and also maybe become lean at the same time. A year into this life style I was talking to a Boss about the sport and she sent me on my way to talk to Peter. At this moment lifting as I knew it has changed for the better with Peter bringing the fun of lifting and also the science behind it to my eyes with not only showing me how to properly train but also how to track macros. He showed me that you do not have to lift for hours and hours to gain size or to lean out.

I then started to prep for my show being 8 months out from it running into some difficulties with having to have surgery but Peter helped me keep the eyes on the prize to finally to step on stage. With me losing over 30Lb going from around 190 to 155 to 163 on show day I lost little strength and little energy. This was an experience of a life time for me and I recommend for anyone competing that if it’s your first or you want to do another Peter is the go to. He is very personal and will keep you on track and will always check up on you. I did not just get coached I was also tutored on lifting and I was able to take what I have learned and better myself each and every day! With that said Peter is the go to coach!

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