I contacted Peter originally because I knew I needed a exit strategy after my first prep. I saw many competitor friends gain post show weight and have a lot of problems. During my first prep I was doing an hour of cardio each day, eating double my weight in protein with carbs very low and fats non existent less than 25 fats per day. My first year also consisted of only being allowed to eat food approved and off a list being scolded for being hungry and cutting water before my show.

I knew I wanted to work with someone who could teach sustainable healthy lifestyle and not have a bro approach. Layne Norton recommended I contact Peter as the best fit for me. Peter was very patient and never judgmental. He took the time to allow me to gain strength but also to teach me how to take better care of myself. After a very long reverse getting food as high as possible, getting cardio reduced significantly and getting a fundamental understanding for macros and what healthy nutrition and weight was I had a successful off season.

I competed in my second season of shows 1 year after my first and images tell the story. I am only 3-4 lbs leaner with more muscle and better composition. I plan to take a long off season to add more muscle and work on a healthy body composition that is sustainable. I had no idea Peter would potentially save me so much heartache and stress I see other competitors go through. He has changed my life by teaching me to be safe, healthy and mindful.

Being a natural competitor I feel proud to have Peter as coach, as he is a great role model. He truly cares about each client and you are not just a number. Through his help I feel I have a better understanding how to live a sustainable healthy life while still being motivated and excited to compete again in the future.

Written by: fitbodyphysique@gmail.com

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