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The FITbody and Physique LLC Physique Transformation Class is a 12 week online class dedicated to providing a science-based approach to nutrition, resistance training, cardio, and supplementation for transforming your physique and achieving your contest goals.

This class will be beneficial for:

– Anyone who is confused about what fitness recommendations are fact vs. fiction.
– Anyone who is tired of going from plan to plan without seeing progress.
– Anyone who has seen Fitbody and Physique LLC client transformations and wants to know more about how these clients accomplished their goals.
– Anyone who has read Dr. Peter Fitschen’s articles on fitness websites and is confused about how everything fits together.
– Anyone who wants to learn more about the science behind nutrition and exercise for the goal of muscle growth or fat loss.

As part of this class you will receive:

– 12 recorded lectures (1 weekly) by Dr. Peter Fitschen on a variety of topics related to physique transformation (see syllabus below). Lectures will include both science and application to provide guidelines on how to create a plan to reach your fitness goals.
– Full reference lists for further reading on any topic discussed. Full text of selected references weekly for further reading.
– Unlimited Q&A via email with Dr. Peter Fitschen throughout the duration of the class.
– Access to all lectures until June 2017.


– Feb 6 – Overview, Goals, Flexible vs. Rigid Diets
– Feb 13 – Calories
– Feb 20 – Macronutrients 1
– Feb 27 – Macronutrients 2
– Mar 6 – Micronutrients, Fiber, Water
– Mar 13 – Nutrient Timing
– Mar 20 – Metabolic Adaptation
– Mar 27 – Resistance Training 1
– Apr 3 – Resistance Training 2
– Apr 10 – Cardio
– Apr 17 – Supplements
– Apr 24 – Q&A and Course Summary

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