Fitbody and Physique LLC client Raymond Elliott comparing his first prep (not with working with us) to his most recent prep working with us:

“This is a side by side of my first show (left) and second show(right)


Calories- 1700

Carbs- high day 75g low 25g

Food- 100% clean, mainly talipia and asparagus, no artificial sweetners, no bread, no white rice, no protein powders 4 weeks out, no diary 8 weeks out

Meal timing- equal spaced macros every 2-3 hours and none after 8pm

Cardio- 5 days a week of fasted Cardio

Peak- water and sodium deplete cycle.



Calories- lowest 2140

Carbs- high day 400g low 190g

Food- no restrictions.
Ate mainly “healthy” due to micronutrients, fiber and volume, but enjoy bread, diet soda, hot wings, oreos, pb cups, cupcakes and protein powder as long as fit within in set macro and fiber goals.

Meal timing- no specific meal timing. Except more carbs around workouts Ate right before bed.

Cardio- started with none. 10 weeks out added a day a week. 4 weeks out went to 3 a week. None fasted.

Peak- reverse dieted into show (front load)
Carbs between 190g and 560g.
2 gallons of water. No water or sodium depletion.

Came in leaner, stronger and sure in the hell a lot happier.

Did both plans get me lean?

Was both hard and with sacrifices?

But one was a lot better physically and psychologically?

One also had less rebound and binging after.

I bet you can guess which one.

The moral is there might be many ways to get to a fat loss goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most optimal, sustainable, science based and enjoyable.”

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